Brand Values

FAIRWEAVE is an ethical textile brand specializing in hand woven techniques and natural dyeing. We use the finest natural fibers and premium Cambodian Golden Silk. The textiles and colors are inspired by culture and nature, while the design principles focus on timelessness and sustainability. Every FAIRWEAVE piece is handcrafted by woman with dignity and respect. FAIRWEAVE designs products that producers love to make, and customers will cherish forever.



EXCELLENT CRAFT: We deliver high quality and excellent handcrafted products to customers. We ensure that products are made by highly skilled weavers and craftswomen who are trained well.  


FAIR TRADE: FAIRWEAVE believes in the fair trade principals as the foundation of sustainable development. We comply fully with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. 


EMPOWERING: FAIRTRADE empowers staff and craftswomen from rural communities. This allows the team to pursue growth for wisdom as well as to share with community members and work together for improvement. We believe this builds a positive team and creates a family spirit.