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Weaving village
A journey without plan

Chomnab’s journey began in 2002 when he moved to the northwest of Cambodia to work as a team leader for the Strengthening Silk Sector project, funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD). He spent five years in the remote village of Phnom Srok where he worked with golden silk producers and local weavers to conduct training on sericulture, dyeing and weaving. Chomnab went on to work on several more product development projects, all aiming to diversify and improve the quality and design of goods made in Cambodia from natural fibers such as cotton, rattan and grass sedge.

Driven to work independently as a young Cambodian entrepreneur, Chomnab created his own brand in 2013. His entrepreneurial spirit and compassion has inspired him to use local skills and resources to fight poverty and build sustainable livelihoods for women, especially mothers, in remote areas.


Chomnab has extensive professional experience in dyeing, weaving and developing unique hand-woven textiles for high-end and ethical markets. His creativity transforms local hand-weaving patterns and natural dye colors to a timeless style for ethical lifestyles.

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