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Handspun cotton


Handwoven is a traditional skill in our community, nestled in the heart of the remote village in Phnom Srok District, Cambodia dating back to the 13th century. This skill has been passed down from mothers to daughters. On the traditional handlooms, the shuttle full of thread is thrown from left to right and right to left manually, and a weaver produces 50 cm to 1 meter per day due to the intricate weaving pattern. There are several stages before the loom is set up and ready to weave. The preparation processes, such as spinning, dyeing, and warping, take 4 to 6 weeks.




At our dyeing workshop, we use plants such as Indigo, coconut shells, Mango leaves, Indian Almond leaves, Marigold flowers, and Annatto seeds to extract colors for dying. 

Our commitment to environmentally friendly textiles is reflected in our choice of materials and dye. We work exclusively with premium quality and bio-degradable materials such as cotton, silk, linen, and bamboo yarns. This approach ensures that our products look and feel great and have a minimal impact on the earth.

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 Our manufacturing concerns not just the products but the people and community. By supporting us, you are directly contributing to the well-being of home-based artisans and the community. In 2026, we aim to support 120 female artisans to have a decent income and become financially independent in their families. We have also initiated saving funds and provided health care checkups for the weaving groups. Additionally, we work with the local school to provide educational support to children in the community. 


 Every thread counts. Our production processes, which involve sourcing the yarn for the finished products, are made responsibly. Varieties of yarn are sourced from good practice and small-scale regional producers and certified companies who apply EOKO-TEX, Better Cotton Initiative, or Global recycled standard. We oversee the process in our dyeing workshop to weave in the community to ensure good working conditions and create a good atmosphere for artisans and workers so everyone crafts happily from their homes.

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