Crowdfunding Project

Create Sustainable income generation for women in the remote villages  


This project aims to expand export market size of the company. Our main target export market in Japan and Europe.


FAIRWEAVE has established since 2013. It works with artisans to offer desirable hand woven textiles which ethically made using traditional technique and empowering craftswomen through skill and quality enhancement in order to help them to generate sustainable and fair incomes. 

Crowdfunding at glam

Target reaching: 111%

Amount funding received JPY: 757,000.00

Total Supporters: 87 persons


Project Outcome:

1 trade show participation was completed from April 16-21, 2019

35 new businesses were met

9 enquiries from the contacts during the trade show

3 businesses are placing the first orders which equal to $18500.00

This crowd funding campaign, it contributed the steady grow of FAIRWEAVE and promote rural economic development and empowering women through trade. With this opportunity, We increase in our sale performance by 15% and the number of the women whom working with FAIRWEAVER, it is reaching 75women.

Lesson Learn: Throughout this project we have had chances to meet and talk directly to many buyers and learn from them about their feedback about products and design. As well as this was also a net-working opportunity to connect with many end consumers to understand what their feedback about products.  

Thank Massage from the founder;

On behalf of the team member and producers, we are so delighted to received your support and encouragement from all of you. This is the first experience that we went through this campaign and we were so worry at the beginning but at the end of the campaign, we received a great success. This is because we have all amazing friends and individual supports as well as   supports from various organizations which make this happen. With all your investment to this project, we spent on market expansion activity and we focus more on participate in the trade show which was conducted recently in April 2019. This activity was so a big opportunity to reach more customers, buyers and it is also a chance to present our products to the buyers. We have met so many people during the tradeshow, they showed their interests in our products as well as the value of our work which support to artisans and women.

In occasion, We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you whom made contribution to this project in many ways in order to bring success to us. You have made a great impact on our community and our beloved country. We wish you a great journey in your life and success in your career.

All the best,



Total fund received 5473.96$

Bugged Expense Line 

  • Return cost: $1,837.00

  • Shipping Cost: $208.00  

  • Trade fair fee: $2520.00

  • Booth display tool: $ 250.00$

  • Local Travel: $130.90  

  • International travel (fly Tickets and taxi in Vietnam During 6day business trip):$150.00    

  • Hotel: $384.00

  • 1 sewing machine: 180$

Total Expenses: $5,659.00