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Chomnab, the founder, began his journey in 2002 when he completed a degree in Agricultural Science and moved to Phnom Srok, located in The Northwest region of Cambodia. He worked for the Strengthening Silk Sector project funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD). Six years of his career in this remote district, he spent his free time and weekends meeting many weavers who were struggling in poverty and violence in their families. Many women and mothers did not have the opportunity to go to school during the Khmer Rouge Regime and civil war, so they could not make a good living and find a good job.


However, those women were talented in traditional hand-weaving and weaved beautiful Krama and blankets. Chomnab fell in love with their handwoven textiles and spent time learning about dyeing and weaving from the weavers. He realized this precious skill and traditional weaving knowledge is crucial for the future human heritage. Most women are very committed and passionate in this job. Therefore, Chomnab strongly believes that this know-how is essential to unlocking poverty and creating job opportunities for women in this community by improving their products' quality and design. When the Strengthening Silk Sector project and Khmer Silk Villages association ended, he continued his relationship with weavers to build a small team to develop a brand concept in 2013.

However, Chomnab worked full-time and part-time on several projects to keep his living. At the same time, he kept pursuing his dream of running a social enterprise and supporting weavers.   


Over the years, Chomnab has dedicated himself to honing his skills and knowledge. He completed a diploma in fashion design and product development, further enhancing his understanding of the industry. His extensive experience in dyeing and weaving, combined with his innate creativity, has allowed him to transform traditional woven patterns and local materials into a timeless style for homes and fashion. This unique blend has become the hallmark of his brand, ensuring its quality and uniqueness. 


By 2022, Chomnab established FAIR WEAVE Social Enterprise Co., LTD as an export company, and He has been spending his full time expanding this business, although in a tough time during the pandemic.

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