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Our Response to Covid-19

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down our growth and it bring us more challenges but we are in hands to keep thriving the hardship.

We keep our community safe while we continue to provide jobs to our artisans and staff.

We know that during this pandemic, the market is frozen and businesses are closed down. Many hotels, restaurants and manufacturing plants started decreasing the numbers of workers and stop producing goods and services because of the drop of the demand. This situation also happens to our small business. Our export sale declined and the market for tourist has turned to zero sale. It has not been easy to run a business during this time. To respond this challenge we have adopted the a new strategy to develop the products according the needs during the pandemic such as producing masks and run online marketing. It helps our FAIR WEAV's family -staff and artisans- to survive and safe.

Adaptation to the New Normal

We switched our target markets and sale channels, We have started reaching to tiny local markets as we did not focus before the outbreak. We have launched the sale through our Facebook page as we could not afford to pay for physical store anymore. We have made new products. One of our new products is silk face mask. We have sold the masks to customers and also to give to our weavers and the communities to protect themselves from the spread of Covid 19. We offered buy one and give away one mask promotion so that we can have budget to make many masks to give vulnerable people. We have reached potential clients from word of mouth by our friends and customers who show their supports to our small business and our commitment to empower women and artisans. We have supplied many masks to famous 5-star hotels, Aman Resort Hotel in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Morocco. Also, we reached more sale to international organisations in Cambodia and embassies including US Embassy in Phnom Penh.

Passing the gifts and we continue our mission

We donated face masks to school and communities who need face masks across Cambodia. By the end of 2021, we gave masks to 1,800 students from 3 schools in the remote villages in Cambodia and 8,653 people who needed masks, especially weavers and their families. We appreciate all friends, customers and partners who help to fill in energy to continue our dream. Every purchase is a key to unlock poverty and crisis during this hard time as well as a bonus for us as the impact maker for our small community.

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