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Our handwoven approach toward sustainability

Over centuries, we see women are laughing and chitchatting underneath of their house while they are weaving. This daily routine creates a beautiful sound from the wooden looms. In this article, we describe how our home-base handwoven in the villages contributes to the sustainability.

Handmade with smiles

We are so inspired when we see every face with a big smile while they are handing a complex woven process in order to bring a beautiful piece to your home or on your body.

The skill is a known-how from ancestors that has been transferred from generation to generation without going school. Many mothers are weaving to generate income while grandmothers are teaching the granddaughters to handle small and easy parts of the entire processes until they learn the completed of process of handloom.

It is a slowly made textiles and it fits for the slow lifestyle and fashion. Each thread is counted and passed through several hands of women before a throw or blanket is able to find the forever home. A piece of the handwoven textile takes almost 6 to 10 days from spinning, dyeing, warping, designing of pattern on the loom, weaving and finishing.

Natural and Eco-friendly

FAIR WEAVE works on natural fiber such as Cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Hemp and silk. Together with talented and well-trained weavers, we create our own unique styles for Home Decor and Bodywear. This technique of weaving brings you close to the nature and artistic space in your room.

In addition, we adopt the green and sustainable production. We are sourcing locally natural dye plants such as coconut, mangos and other varieties of local threes that are available nearby the community all year round.

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