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We are talking about our friend, Cambodia Knits and its global brand, Beebee+Bongo.

Updated: May 10

There are many impactful organizations in Cambodia that we are connected to and today we want to highlight one of them: Cambodia Knits and its global brand, Beebee+Bongo.

Cambodia Knits has been teaching knitting and crochet skills across Cambodia for several years. They provide all the materials and training support so that women, who are often disadvantaged and have limited skills and access to employment, can have economic opportunities. They create enabling opportunities for women to earn a fair income from their homes, on a flexible schedule. Their underlying belief is that women are strong already and don’t need to be empowered; they need opportunities.

During COVID, Cambodia Knits realized it needed to expand to global markets and launched a new brand: Beebee+Bongo. Beebee is the Khmer word for kiss, when said to a baby or toddler and Bongo, comes from the Khmer honorific term for someone older than you. Beebee+Bongo have a global e-commerce site with free US shipping, making it easy to enjoy their products anywhere in the world.

Beebee+Bongo believes in the power of humour and play to create connection. They design and work closely with Cambodia Knits to create eco-friendly toys, with a focus on play-based learning, designed to create fun interactions between children and their parents, caregivers, teachers, and other children. They have two main lines: Sleepy Animals, each of which has a sleep profile that parents and caregivers can relate to. Sambath the Sleepy Elephant, for example, takes a very long time to fall asleep making her a perfect companion for a little one who can chat with her before falling asleep. Sabay the Sleepy Pig refuses to sleep without eating first, making her a perfect match for a child with a big appetite who likes to sleep on a full belly.

Beebee+Bongo also has a colourful line of educational toys, each the colours of the rainbow. The toys are great for play-based learning. Most are opened ended and children can use them in many ways for fun play or learning numbers, colours, matching, sorting, stacking and so much more.

We’re pleased to work alongside of great production organizations like Cambodia Knits and thoughtful brands like Beebee+Bongo.

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